Looking for a surface assault wing session this weekend (GMT, PC Eurasia)

Looking for other players in game? Want to tell us where you are in game? Meet here! Ad-hoc wings.
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Looking for a surface assault wing session this weekend (GMT, PC Eurasia)

Postby Buur » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:04 pm

Following on from this FB post last week: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ElitePvE.MOBIUS/permalink/1814890711920392/
I'm looking to recruit some like minded souls to wing up in the bubble (I'm in the PC Eurasia Group) to give the 3.2 ground attack wing missions a look over this weekend (work commitments mean it'll need to be Friday evening or sometime Saturday for me). I'd like to explore in a wing what tools are needed for the bigger targets and just get some wing surface assault practice in.

It's highly likely that footage from any session would end up on my Youtube channel as well so I'd need you to be OK with that.

In the slightly longer term I'm also giving serious consideration to forming a Squadron within Mobius to specifically focus on this stuff moving forward (not exclusively but with a definite slant to being the go-to Mobius Mud Movers) ...the caveat being we'd need to know a bit more about how Squadrons will work in the game obviously :)

For this initial wing up any skill sets are welcome ...SRV drivers, ship to ship combat or Surface assault, whatever floats your boat. If your utterly hopeless at all of it but still fancy having a punt you really are more than welcome... I'm fairly useless at most of the game in my humble opinion ;)
My feeling is that it'll be very challenging and take a bit of figuring out to see what works but I could be spectacularly wide of the mark. Either way it should be fun finding out!

If it looks like your sort of thing lets get some details ironed out and see where we end up :) o7

Here's my Youtubery on the subject...

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Re: Looking for a surface assault wing session this weekend (GMT, PC Eurasia)

Postby TorTorden » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:20 pm

Could be fun to have another go.

Haven't done ground assaults since the Ceos rank grind days.

Give me a time (real) and a virtual place and I can very likely be there.

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