Looking for roleplaying oriented Imperials / Lavigny PP, Mobius Eurasia

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Looking for roleplaying oriented Imperials / Lavigny PP, Mobius Eurasia

Postby TenkesKapitany » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:23 am


I will pledge to the Emperor and join Lavigny's Legion because they seem to have the best roleplaying and that is important for me. (Actually I grinded Fed rank first as I like the look of those ships more but Hudson does not seem to have many dedicated roleplayers.)

I have not pledged yet as I want to do missions to get at least a squire rank first, I know it is technically not important, but I think in roleplaying it is, being a powerplayer as a serf is, well :D

I won't even be able to play much this week so that will be more like next week.

Anyhow looking for any roleplaying oriented people ideally from Lavigny's Legion but also for from any other Imperial PP faction. Or those who don't PP just do missions in Imperial space also, as hurting Dictatorship factions and supporting Feudal and Patronage factions helps the Emperor's case so we can just do normal missions as well.

If this sounds interesting to you friend me as TenkesKapitany please. Mobius Eurasia. Bask in her glory!

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