Looking for Players [PC, Europe]

Looking for other players in game? Want to tell us where you are in game? Meet here! Ad-hoc wings.
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Looking for Players [PC, Europe]

Postby LucaLei » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:40 pm

Hello, everyone!

I'm a relatively inexperienced player who's been playing solo up to now.
Despite having done a bit of everything, I've never gotten to really learn all the game mechanics to their fullest extent, but I'd like to change that now!

I'm currently mainly interested in mining, but I'm also open to other activities.
I'm dabbling in laser mining (mainly platinum) with a Python around GCRV 1568.
If anyone would be willing to either join me in learning the game mechanics, or teach me while having a chill and friendly time, do let me know. :)

I'm based in Europe and mostly play in the evenings.

Take care, commanders.

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Re: Looking for Players [PC, Europe]

Postby Zetr0 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:26 pm

Greetings Commander LucaLei -o7-

Welcome to the Mobius Sector, and a big welcome to GCRV 1568, this is my "home" system too.

I often game with friends from all parts of world and I have had lots of fun. When it comes to mining, I can certainly help with knowledge and experience, its where I made my second $2 Billion Credits ;)

Currently I am in Colonia with said friends, and will be returning to GCRV 1568 and the Pikum Sector this weekend.

Please add me to your in-game friends list CMDR: Zeteron

We often meet up at Dav's Hope - so please have a look here - I am sure its something you are looking for Commander -o7-

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