Twitch Stream for Maligant Malicus

Doing a life streaming event? Post here, so we can watch!
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Twitch Stream for Maligant Malicus

Postby Maligant » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:40 pm

Anyone interested in watching me stream I am almost always streaming ED when I'm playing.

Please note I am always in team speak for my gaming community and user discretion is advised and inappropriate language my be used. In advance I apologize for any offense a viewer may take on behalf of myself or my members in team speak.

Also I will sometimes be streaming Warframe or a few other games depending on community activities, but most of the time it will be ED.

I can often be found streaming wing combat, or planetary events, and I have made a few interesting discovery on the surface of more remote planets. (Will not offer spoilers for anyone unless you request them.)

Anyways anyone is welcome to view my twitch at anytime, I simply ask that anyone refrain from posting anything racist or too vulgar in chat.

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