Fuel Management and Those Pesky Rats

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Fuel Management and Those Pesky Rats

Postby SockFiddler » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:46 pm

Apologies if this sort of thing has been posted before. I was writing it as a reply to another thread but thought I'd sort of gone a bit overboard for a reply, and figured I'd start a new topic :)

A few quick tips on fuel management to avoid having to call the Fuel Rats (though we're happy to come along to help out, so don't hesitate if you need us!):

1. Plan your journey and make use of the filters on the galaxy map:
    - For within-the-bubble travel you can filter (4th tab, "Map" marker in the middle, then drop down menu, "Economy" with all highlighted except top one) for inhabited systems where you'll be able to get a refuel. You're able to apply a further filter if you need a larger landing pad. You can also apply this to your route using the check box at the bottom.
    - You can plan an "Economic" route which will give you shorter, more fuel-economic jumps to get to your destination.
    - You can see when your fuel will run out by looking to see when your route line turns into a dotted line.

2. Equip a scoop!
Yes, yes, landing computers are all the rage, but, seriously, use that slot for a little scoop; it's so much better for your flying skills :)

3. KGB-FOAM (Oh Be A Fine Girl/Guy Kiss Me)
    - When flying with a scoop, remember "KGB-FOAM" (Soviet Frat Party) which tells you the star types that can be scooped for a fuel top-up (all Main Sequence stars).
    - When you are spooling up your FDL to jump to the next system, look in your top-right corner for the star type you're jumping into. If the star type starts with KGBFOAM, you'll be able to scoop for a top-up.

4. Don't think you have a scoop, make sure you have one :)

5. X And Turn!
When you leap into the next system, don't just hit "X" but turn away from the star; if you do run into problems, it makes you so much easier to get to if you need help.

Anyone is welcome at any time to drop into the Fuel Rats IRC ( https://fuelrats.com/i-need-fuel - use the GREEN button to chat!) and have a natter about how to become a rat, what ratting involves or how to go on that mad exploration binge without running out of the Good Stuff. If you bring Snickers, you'll make a bunch of friends for life. The rats have about 1,624 great tips and visuals to share with anyone who wants to see them, and we're a happy, pleasant bunch of people mad enough to dive nose-first into a star :)

If you do get caught short and need to call us, do the following things first:

1. Don't wait until the blue O2 timer comes up in the top-right of your screen: if you can't make your next jump, call us right away. If you have a blue O2 countdown, make a note of how much time was left on it :)

2. Power down all of your systems except life support.

3. Make a note of which system you're in (not heading to) and which direction you were going in (and your rough distance, if possible.

4. If you're in Mobius private group, log out to your main menu screen.

5. Take a breath - you're going to be okay! Join the Rats IRC (link above, use the RED button). Follow the instructions given to you by the person who has "Hat", "Spatch" or "Dispatch" after their name. They'll take care of you and have you on your way in no time.

Final word to the Intrepid: You cannot SC to the next system. Even if you could, it would not save you any fuel.

Happy flying!

Sock o7
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