Fast way to fully recharge mega shields

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Re: Fast way to fully recharge mega shields

Postby TorTorden » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:39 pm

William Wolfen wrote:
Relix Typhon wrote:How do you manage to lose 9000MJ of Shield in the first place lol.

And I'll retest but I'm sure boosters need to be charged once activated
It's easy when your resistances are terrible. I'm more of the biweave with good resistances type. Sure it didn't last quite as long in one go, but it comes back stupid fast.

Even going with the massive buffer method, using a thermal resist mod on the shield and 3 resistance augmented boosters with the rest heavy duty it should have much tougher shields. I just ran this on coriolis and while the absolute shield bank drops by a third, the effective to thermal went from 9500 to 14500. Considering thermal is whay really kills shields anyway, this is a gigantic improvement. It'll sell take 45 minutes to get your shields back after they drop, but that's down from an hour and 20 minutes.

With my personal loadout I get a MJ build with Prisms and bi-weaves, both builds running against my own loadout corvette.
I keep a heatsink and KW scanner on, so not a full bank of SB's
And running one C7 SCB bank.

The bi-weave-resist build, coriolis numbers, lasts 18 minutes with a raw shield MJ of just over 4000mj.
Recovers in 1:36, recharges in 2:22 minutes, so just under 4 minutes from 0 to full again.

The same only with buffer engineering and prism's.
8200MJ raw.
Lasts 11 minutes and 51 seconds.
Recovers in 10:45 minutes.
Recharges in 39:14 minutes.
So pretty much 50 minutes...

(My corvette is fairly heavy on thermal DPS)
Guess what I fly with..

The other thing with bi-weave is they recharge constantly, so since even a group of three at most manages to knock my shields down to 50% I still don't need to use the SCB, just the time it takes to find my next target my shields are back up to full.
I only bother to keep the one SCB on for when things go really pear shaped in CZ.

As an addendum:
Switching from Prism's to bi-weave its worth being aware that the recharge drain on systems with bi-weaves are similarily affected, so by a factor of 10x.

I recommend a PDS with high recharge for all systems on a bi-weave corvette rather than wep focused.

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