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Postby Sunrider » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:39 am

OK, I have a wife who sometimes plays, and 2 or 3 of the kids occasionally join me. But I'm the billionaire with the big ships, and they're the guys in the eagles and sideys. (Although my son took out a 'conda in a High RES with his sidey, so I've asked him if he could teach me how to fight) I keep a viper, and a vulture out at LTT 15574- Haxel Port for when they want to bounty hunt, and am usually willing to fly out to where ever to catch up and do some stuff together.
My son logged into his account and found that his 8 million credits and ALL of optional internals in his vulture were gone. He tried to land to find out why he couldn't find his shield and crashed leaving him with 1000 cr. (Sisters) So I took him out to make him some easy money and cheer him up with ... Crewing :idea:
This did not go over as well as one might think. My son took up gunner in my python, and was allowed to use the pulse lasers, but not the missiles? (Neither could I!) When we went on missions, neither of us could find / use the scanner. :o :/ And while he did get paid about 1/2 for the bounties, and the trading we did, he got nothing for the missions and passengers.
We never did really get to figure what he could do beyond, give me an extra pip where I wanted one. 8-)
So I was thinking, about one of those awesome teaching sessions! Where you guys make everything amazingly clear, and show us the tricks and uses we never thought of, and generally make something crappy turn out awesome next time we try it. :D

Thanks in advance
"See you, ... out there."
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