Why does Frontier hate explorers?

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Re: Why does Frontier hate explorers?

Postby raorn » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:08 am

"I'm a Player Character, so I must have bestest possible gear available for my level". Since there is no level requirement for Conda and Engineers, noobs will complain about "grinding". Because doing stuff for XP is acceptable, but doing exactly same stuff for money/items is "boring" and "killing fun".

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Re: Why does Frontier hate explorers?

Postby MarrV » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:35 am

To compare what it was like at the beginning of the game & now re credit earning;
One of the most profitable ways of earning money was (I think in order); rare goods trading before they became limited to how many you could have at once (pre-release) ship size determined profit however 16k per ton was "top end" so 1.6mil for a 300ly trip (100t cargo), rare goods trading after limit was installed (routes became known, to do circular trades), Community Goals (20mil top tier?)/ BH's..... then I got bored, I came back and made today in 1 run more than I made in a year of playing....

In the 2 weeks I have been back in the bubble I have earned enough to fully equip a python, 2 anacondas and handful of other ships & have 2.4billion credits left over....

It is akin to playing Vanilla wow and then playing Mists, the difference in difficulty is beyond comprehension, and feels like it jas been put in to "ez mode".

"One being, I did work my butt of for this thing" - and you think other people didnt?
" The second being that PS4 is playing catch up" - true but eliminating the (EA spirit channeling here) "sense of accomplishment" in the process.

The game is what the game is, but to be in one of the most expensive ships in the game so quickly seems to me to only detract from the game experience, not add to it.

Re; SC-ing to another system; we tried in years ago. Each system is a new instance, which is loaded via the jump to the new star, something to do with the way the game was built and to minimise server load (so it does not track where in the system you are only when your jumping) or some such nonsense. This was also around the time of the "navigation can not work out more than 100ly's at once" b*llsh*t

edit; now 2.7bn
also re explorers; hell you make a fortune compared to what it used to be 600k for 1 body? It used to be 5x lower, if not more?

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