Noob Bounty hunter adventures and questions

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Noob Bounty hunter adventures and questions

Postby JoJoBird » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:47 pm

Hello! First time poster in this subreddit so I hope I'm not missing some help thread or something similar (didn't find any), but if I am, I apologise in advance.
I started my elite adventures in a Sidewinder, doing courier missions. From there I needed something with a bit more versatility so I went for the Adder. That is also the ship in which I tried my first assassination mission. It was a close call, but oh boy, did I get hooked on combat. First try, I attacked the target but he was in a wing and the wing mate destroyed me, I instantly paid insurance, went in again, and attacked the wing mate first this time, killed him and finished off the target. Got 50k for the mission, but the 50k I got for the bounty was lost, as I didn't know you have to cash it in before you die. :) Mistakes were made and lessons learned. And I realised my Adder needs an upgrade fast.
After that I was planning to buy a Cobra but in the end after all I read I bought a Diamondback scout, as it seemed more combat oriented and let's face it, while I see myself doing exploring, I don't think I'd ever make a very good trader. I'd kill for another internal slot, but oh well. I saved up enough to get it to D level gear and I started fighting a bit. I destroyed 2 before I got the hang of how it flies, but I'm loving it. Even when I can't kill something I can usually at least run away before I blow up. Tough little ship with decent firepower and pretty good manoeuvrability. I'm of course no expert pilot but I did scrape together enough cash to get it all to A rated (well 2 upgrades left, FSD and thrusters, which are still B), but even now, the difference between a D rated and a mostly A rated DBS is like night and day. This ship is amazing fun to fly and I don't plan to sell it no matter what (I was not emotionally attached to the Addeer :)). If I replace it for combat eventually, I'll probably turn it into an explorer if that works out.
Where to go from here? I was thinking getting a Cobra anyway, as I kind of want to try mining as I want to transport some cargo for the current event. Probably doesn't make sense game wise, but it sounds fun. :) But that's going to set me back about 2 mil or so to get a decent mining cobra so it's not THAT big a deal.
Now I'm probably looking at Vulture. Does that make sense? I'm guessing I need the 20 mil for an A rated one as I'm guessing an A rated DBS could actually be better than a D rated Vulture? At least it seems that way looking at the numbers. While everyone says Vulture is great I can't seem to set it up in a build I like due to insanely limiting powerplant. How do you people build one? I'm thinking just skipping shield boosters entirely, going 2 large multi cannons, gimballed (yes I'm a bad shot :)), A shields (seems such a waste to not boost them) and just add a shield cell bank. So that's my general plan for when I earn 20 mil (it's a tough little ship to outfit reasonably). On one side I could just stick to 4A thrusters, but that in a way defeats the purpose of even buying the Vulture, might as well stay in my Scout then? Or is it better with less thrust and more shields? Also I'm guessing going 5A on power distributor works wonders for boosting potential which it seems this ship really needs to chase down anything compared to the scout.
All things considered, am I thinking in the right direction? Should I skip Vulture and just save up for something bigger? Is the firepower difference from DBS to Vulture substantial? Is 2 Multis L, gimballed thinking along the right lines for the Vulture? I know 20 mil is pocket change for most of you guys, but I'd really appreciate some help with direction.
As a bonus question, how long does Lockdown last? I finally picked a base I really like and lockdown happens. :)
TLDR: Bought DBS for Bountyhunting, loving it, keeping it for travel, but thinking on what to aim for next, is Vulture a significant upgrade?

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Re: Noob Bounty hunter adventures and questions

Postby Relix Typhon » Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:48 pm

Welcome to the forum.

Theres a lot of questions in your post and I don't know the answer to all of them but regarding the Vulture, yes it is a much more combat capable ship the the DBS. It is so maneuverable you can just throw it around, therefore I'd stick with A thrusters. One of its biggest advantages is its armour, it has loads for a small ship. What you can do is add Hull Reinforcement into the optional slots to boost this further, also upgrading the lightweight alloys to Military Grade will give one hell of a armour tank.
The disadvantage is you'll have to dock occasionally to repair the hull damage if you find your shields going down a lot. But nearly 400mj isnt too bad if you manage your power and dont take on anything too big/powerful.

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Re: Noob Bounty hunter adventures and questions

Postby Hawk862 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:55 pm

Yes it definantly is, the Vulture is considered the best bounty hunting ship in the game by many players. As for A rating it, well, its powercore isn't actually big enough to A rate the thing, but the build i have on mine is about 10 million credits.

On one side I could just stick to 4A thrusters, but that in a way defeats the purpose of even buying the Vulture,

No it doesn't, the vulture has VASTLY improved shields, firepower and even with 4A thrusters better maneuverability.

Is 2 Multis L, gimbaled thinking along the right lines for the Vulture?

No, 2 multi's is not a good idea. In my experience with the vulture the two most effective weapon combinations i found were 2 large gimballed pulse lasers, or 1 gimbaled beam laser and one fixed (or gimbaled if you aren't confident with fixed weapons)

All things considered, am I thinking in the right direction? Should I skip Vulture and just save up for something bigger?

Yes you are, and do not skip the vulture. It is widely regarded as an amazing fighter (although its not my cup of tea) and you can't really beat it for the price.

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Re: Noob Bounty hunter adventures and questions

Postby TorTorden » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:15 pm

A good vulture is around 10-15 mil, i would expect to spend about 20 on a great one.

The next step up in combat for that would maybe be a Federal assault ship and its 3x the price of a vulture and i honestly prefer the vulture.

The other two in the are is then fdl and python, and fer-de-lance wiol set you back at least 120mil, a great pythong 140++, and you make that money much faster in a vulture than a diamondback.

I have just recently bought a second account, got a cobra mk3 and bought a viper mk3 for combat.

The cobra is by no means bad, but the class 1 points really arent good for fixed, but the firing arc on the class 2 points are great.
I recommend to try everything, modules you can sell for 100% cash back. And ships then really onmy codt 10% reduction in value.

So even if you spend ten mil on a ship and dont like it, you only stand to loose 500k or so in the process.

And whats a game about flying space ships woeth if you arent going to fly space ships ?

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