Call for help: Market, outfitting, and shipyard data

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Call for help: Market, outfitting, and shipyard data

Postby Cometborne » Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:36 pm

Most of you probably already noticed that the various third party sites are quite slow in updating information about market prices and the availability of the new ships and modules since the update to 3.3 (beyond chapter 4). These updates relied on third party software like EDMC or ED Discovery using the old companion API to retrieve the data, and sending that to the various third party sites. Frontier Developments changed the CAPI in 3.3, and as a result, this process is completely broken. The third party developers and FD are working on a solution to make this work again, but there is no ETA.

The developer of EDSM has set up an interim solution that will updates to be created, but it requires your help. What is needed is an account on PC, an account on EDSM, and a browser tab that is kept open while you play. If you are willing to help, do the following:

a) Go to EDSM EDDN updater
b) Click the log-in button to get redirected to an FD server and log in with your frontier store/game account
c) Click approve to authorize EDSM data retrievel
d) You will be dropped back to EDSM, and intead of the login button, there is now a green start button. Click that

Once the updater is running, continue playing. Once you dock at a station, alt-tab over and wait for the 120 second countdown to reach 0. After that, there will be green tick marks behind the "market/outfitting/shipyard to EDDN" rows. Once they appear, you can undock. Or simply wait two minutes whenever you dock if alt-tab is not an option (like in VR).
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Re: Call for help: Market, outfitting, and shipyard data

Postby cyberbofh » Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:57 am

TY CMDR Cometborne

This is a "good cause" we all can help with!

I've put your post in "Announcements"

Fly safely CMDR! o7

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