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Postby WarMunkey » Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:34 pm

I feel that facetrack NO IR should be in this list, the program used to be free, and uses a webcam to track your face with 3 points like most i.r tracking programs. With facetrack no ir you do not need infrared lights to be tracked, granted it is a less accurate method, it gets the job done :) hope this helps other cmdrs get more immersive.

Link to FaceTrackNOIR

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Re: FacetrackNOIR

Postby de Carabas » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:53 am

I was playing with this again last night. I just bought a new webcam as my youngest daughter is getting into Skyping with her grandparents. I took the opportunity to get one that handles lower light levels better and then remembered I had tried facetracknoir in the past without much success.

Last night I had it up and running pretty quickly and I just need to keep playing with all the parameters to get it as smooth as I would like.

I've got two EDTrackers. One was a self build and one pro. For me, for some reason, the EDTracker's would drift too much regardless of all the steps to center and calibrate them at the right temperature etc. That coupled with the need for the cable (not tried the wireless one yet) made it an annoyance.

I get the feeling that FacetrackNOIR is going to work great for me.
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