UNSC Nightfall Initiative is Recruiting!

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UNSC Nightfall Initiative is Recruiting!

Postby NickG2002 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:33 pm

UNSC Nightfall Initiative

About Us

We are an Independent Fleet, with our Pilots being aligned to various Factions and Powers. We not only exist to help our members, but other people as well. Whether you need an escort into the Bubble after a long-time Exploration journey, you need protection while Mining or Trading, you want someone to go Bounty Hunting with, or you just want someone to help you learn more about how to play the game, we are here for YOU

We have over 40 members on our Xbox Club, and have recently expanded over to PC and Inara.cz!

If you are interested in joining, then head on over to our Wing's Page, and if you're on Xbox One, then request an invitation to our Club as well.


The United Nations was at one point in time a supranational organization on Earth in the 21st Century, and in recent years, it has been reformed by a group of rich, powerful, and influential pilots, with the purpose of keeping good relations between the Alliance, Federation, and Empire. This purpose later changed, and members began expanding UN influence, and beginning preparations to become a 4th Superpower within the Galaxy.

This led to the creation of a Military and Scientific Arm, and reformations within the ruling body of the United Nations.

The former was the UNSC, the United Nations Space Command, an army to rival those of both the Federation, and the Empire. With the leading body of this being the Council of Admirals, led by the High Chancellor, who serves as The Admiral of the Fleet.

The latter was the Galactic Senate, a group of representatives from each system under UN control, led by the Council of Admirals, of which the Admiral of each fleet in the UNSC is a part. From this Council the High Chancellor is elected, who serves as the leader of both the United Nations and UNSC from the time they are elected, until the point in which they die. The first and current High Chancellor being NickG2002.

The High Chancellor of the United Nations leads a special force within the UNSC, this is the Nightfall Initiative, an army of versatile, and skilled soldiers and pilots, being able to perform any task assigned to them by the High Chancellor/Fleet Admiral. Many members of the Nightfall Initiative are taken and trained from birth, while others are skilled and experienced Independent Pilots, put through rigorous tests to see if they are good enough to join the Initiative's legendary ranks.

Current Leadership

High Chancellor and Fleet Admiral NickG2002 - PC and Xbox One
Vice Admiral Master Cheif035 - Xbox One
Vice Admiral Mastercheif1441 - Xbox One
Rear Admiral Jackson89765690 - Xbox One
Rear Admiral NolanCRules - PC and Xbox One


Are you interested in joining us? Head on over to our Wing's Page and request an Invitation, and if you're on Xbox One, request an invitation to our Club as well.

Have any questions? Feel free to PM me on Xbox One, Inara.cz, Mobius, Frontier's Forums, or on Steam, all at NickG2002

Please note that We are currently in the process of creating a Website, setting up and managing our Xbox Club and Inara Wing, and creating a Discord. So if you do PM me or one of the members of our Leadership, you may not get a response right away. We thank you for your understanding

Fly safe CMDRs

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