New Xbox CMDRS and join issues in relation to joining

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New Xbox CMDRS and join issues in relation to joining

Postby DEAMONSRUN9393 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:12 pm

Dear all Xbox cmdrs,

Sorry for such an inconvience
But as of 12/26/18
Both servers are having conectabilities issues in Regards to accepting new members, please continue to put in applications in but the wait time to acceptance has been extended till FDEV has figured out what the issue is, this is not an isolated event as I’ve had a few other cmdrs report to me that this has happened to them as well , the bug in question is my inability to view the friends list of my own PG’s either stating I have no friends or no server connection period , the other bug is viewing another players PG and the game sending back to dashboard
Please bear with us in this extend wait time until this is resolved ,
If you wish to play to play in a safe private group with the same rules that apply and a high chance of meeting like minded cmdrs
Please send me DEAMONSRUN9393 a friend request on Xbox and a message stating your wanting to join along with a normal application to this website and I will accept you into mine until the issue is resolved

Again sorry for the incomvience

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