Registration and group join stats. August to November.

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Registration and group join stats. August to November.

Postby Saberius » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:19 am

For those people interested in some Mobius Stats.

* Since August we have had over 3700 entries in the registration forms. (This means people are not having difficulties in entering data, though there are some technically challenged out there ;)

* The majority platform is still PC with over 2600 entries, but some of these are also due to the migration from MOBIUS to MOBIUS PVE EURASIA. There are some current players that have swayed to the dark side and also requested approval to the MOBIUS FACTIONS group, that is primarily for OoM/MCRN and Exploration usage.

* PlayStation is second place with 700 requests. The number of requests have been so high that we have had to create a second PS4 group because the limit (much to our surprise) is only 1000 members on consoles.

* Runner up is the XBOX requests, with the major group still being the USA memberships.

* Speaking of Factions, just under two thirds of all PC requests have opted not to join MOBIUS FACTIONS or shown no interest in assisting the Order Of Mobius subgroup. I Wonder how many of these pilots have since asked 'what else can we do in game...' ? All members are welcome, just fill in another request for MOBIUS FACTIONS access. :)

* Lastly, REDDIT seems to have a big part to play in making our group aware to many new pilots. The official Frontier Forums also gave a lot of visibility to MOBIUS Community.

There's a reason why we don't every have to advertise our presence. Word of mouth is a great thing. :D

So thanks to all those pilots who have the reply of "There's always Mobius..." which always gets the response of 'What's Mobius?' - cue pro-PVE/anti-PVE salespitch/ragefest...

Eitherway, we're still here, and were growing.

CMDR Saberius.
Mobius Community Manager.

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