Sci-Fi authors and Astronomy

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Re: Sci-Fi authors and Astronomy

Postby PuddleJumper » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:21 am

More fantasy than Sci-Fi, but this is something that George R.R. Martin is absolutely terrible about. His dimensions that he gave for the wall were horribly horribly unrealistic and it caused a number of issues for making Game of Thrones.
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Re: Sci-Fi authors and Astronomy

Postby TorTorden » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:42 pm

I seriously don't understand why GOT became as popular as it did, I suspect it is going on pure peer pressure at this point and people's fear of not being "in" on the meme's.

Classic HBO storytelling, although probably not to different from Martin's, basically just remove anything remotely humorous, and remotely considered funny.
Replace two fold with sex, violent maiming or murders, and copious of blood.
Preferably all at once.

Even their all comedy shows end up mostly tragic as fuck.

It just gets boring after a bit.

Asimov and Wells are icons for good reason.
And I certainly accept story should take precedence when you are telling a story.
One thing I do would like from decent sci-fi would to have some core of science and not magic, that just becomes fantasy. Nothing wrong with that though.
But both should build their world of rules and follow them.
A lot of both sci-fi and fantasy, but mostly sci-fi quickly starts disregarding their own constructed world rules Star Trek & Star wars to name two, although the latter has so many plot holes and gaping issues in the core story telling itself it's just a mess.

It says something about a franchise when the fan-fics spend most of their time fixing world idiosyncrasies rather than just sticking with bad soft porn.

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