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Postby Black Rose » Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:25 pm

StaticRadion wrote:
Black Rose wrote:Final boss appears: I hit the tanks on his back which blew up nicely and took off >< much of his health! Then 3 frag grenades, 1 sticky bomb, 300 rounds of assault rifle ammo, 250 rounds of sub machine gun ammo and then he killed me.

I was going to start my own opinion / rant post, but I just cant get past what you wrote here. I can't really speak for the weapons, gear, or abilities you were using because you didn't really outline them, but what I can say is that your health regenerates, your skills regenerate, the flame thrower has limited range, combat roll easily gets you out of that range, the room you are trapped in has two levels of elevation, the boss only has a walking animation, and your pistol has unlimited rounds. If you were able to clean up all the waves of adds it should have been easy to kill him. I too found the fight exciting and challenging but I cleared it at level 6 with basic gear and no deaths.

I know I am coming off at the bad guy, I know that you seemed to have a bad experience in the game, but I had a lot of fun in The Division Beta and I was not alone so I plan on defending it. I am going to get to my own review a bit later today, but I think your review downplays game mechanics that either you were unaware of, indigent to, or ignoring.

The bullet sponge issue is a major beef by allot of gamers that have posted on U-tube. I just feel the "boss" concept is like your average RPG.

I'd suggest more henchmen, the boss has better armor for sure and better weapons of course. But to make them virtually impregnable is a flaw IMO. Yes, it takes more damage to kill someone in full body armor as opposed to a leather jacket, but the way its set up is down right insane!

On Sunday I went back in and grouped up with 2 guys and we ran it through it. When we got to the end area that is two levels, I told the team to stat on the 2nd level in a lopsided V pattern. The left arm forward, the right arm to the right and back a bit and the point was the anchor. We wiped out the cleaners that entered on the ground level as we had the height and even under cover they were exposed due to our advantage.

When the last wave appeared, the group that comes up on the elevator and they advance along the 2nd level, the anchor started firing and drawing them in. The two on flanking positions stayed concealed and the enemies couldn't hit the anchor without advancing out of cover. Once they passed our positions we opened up and got them in a hellish crossfire which wiped them pretty quickly.

The trick I found to killing the boss to to repeated hit the fuel tanks on its back and eventually the explosions kill it. To me, that is not realistic and in keeping with a 'military' style game. So the developers have covered a standard RPG framework with the aura of Tom Clancy. They use the franchise name to draw in players when in fact the game is about as realistic as pigs with wings.

Now the funny thing is, I want it to be fun and for the most part it was, its just some of the mechanics don't work for me.

- The bullet sponge boss
- Head shots that don't kill the target on 1 shot
- Joining a group for a mission and appearing at a random point in another instance
- Sending and accepting friend's request AFTER logging off
- Aside from the weak chat box I was unable to easily find how to use voice coms

In a game like this, communications are vital and that area seemed to be oddly lacking.

Also, I don't mind that you disagree with me or even imply I didn't know the mechanics. Most games that have no "in game how to" information result is rants like mine.

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Re: The Division

Postby StaticRadion » Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:56 am

One question I am asked often by friends before I begin my rant is "What is The Division?" so that is where we will start. Well first and foremost, The Division is a role playing game or RPG. It is an RPG built on a 3PS, third person perspective, with free aim cover based shooting mechanics and a science fiction pseudo futuristic post-apoc setting.

Like any RPG to be successful you need to have an understanding of stat, skill, and gear mechanics. I will go through each, but if you like RPGs there is little for you to learn from what I am going to say about stats because it all works as would be expected.

Statistics: The Division has three main stats and because I never really bothered with learning their proper names I will be calling them Weapon, Stamina, and Tech. By the end of the beta and my 16 hours of play time in it I had 2 gear builds. The first was Stam>Wep>Tech and the second was Stam>Tech>Wep.

Weapon: The Weapon stat in general makes you a better traditional soldier. With a higher stat all weapons gain a higher DPS, but how they gain that DPS can be varied between the weapon types. While I only ever bothered to look to see if weapon damage was improved it has been reported that some weapon types also or instead receive faster reload times and or fire rate. To give you an idea with over 150 weapon skill I was doing about double the damage as someone with 50 weapon sill. To be more precise my shotgun, M870, did 4k+ damage per shot; my assault rifel, SCAR-L, had 4k+ dps; and my precision rifle, M44, did 3.5k+ with a 140% head-shot damage modifier.

Stamina: Your health pool and regeneration rate are based on stamina. In practical application the main reasons this matters is because your health is segmented into three blocks and managing those blocks of health can give you an exception amount of time in combat in comparison to other players. As long as a block of health is not empty it will eventually regenerate, even in combat.

This lead to a mentality that I created and passed along to friends that went along the lines of never be in block 2. You would fight to your hearts content taking damage, but trying to never drop below the initial block of health. If you did fall into the second block of health you called it out and continued fighting. The reason for this was that even with our individual 5k+ HP either the heal skill or medpack would take you from the first to the third block so using either in the second block was a waste. Guys in the second block would be semi reserved in combat until there was more than one. When there were two or more guys in the second block they would go on a major offensive until they were in the first, retreat, and then someone would use their heal skill. Personal medpack heals were always saved for emergencies.

Tech : This is the stat that makes this game interesting because it dramatically effects your power skills. Overall it improves recharge times and the effectiveness of all skills. In the beta with over 150 tech skill my riot shield could soak 10k+ damage, my high explosive grenade did 8k+ damage, my turret did 47+ damage an lasted close to a full min, my group heal was 3.5k+, and my pulse had a stupid large range.

In the beta this was a huge aspect of gameplay because if scaling remains the same between weapon and skill damage vs health pools then it gave us a nice glimpse into end game.


Gear:Weapon Mechanics

To be continued, I need to eat and watch a baby so PM me if I forget to cont.

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