Not a space ship nor a bird ... but it is an Eagle!

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Not a space ship nor a bird ... but it is an Eagle!

Postby Avon Sakker » Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:28 pm

OK so this isn't an ED Eagle MkII nor an Imperial Eagle, what it is is an F-15E Stike Eagle from the 48th Fighter Wing based at Lakenheath in the UK.

This one was powering its way through the Mach Loop low-level training area in Wales on 03/06/19.
They come through in excess of 500mph, low, fast and loud.

Incoming, fast enough to rip the moisture from the air:

Banked over hard:

2 guys doing their 'day job' !

A 'leg burning' climb up the hills and you get them at eye level or actually looking down on them.
The area is used regularly by the RAF and USAF for low-level flight training

It's an awesome sight (and sound) ..... We've been going there for the past year and I have to admit I'm hooked and will be back there again next week! (luckily my wife loves going ...which always helps! :lol: )

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Re: Not a space ship nor a bird ... but it is an Eagle!

Postby TorTorden » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:27 pm

Not sure why, but those picture links are broken.

And even though I haven't been or seen your photos I belive i have seen a lot of different footage from this area of various jets blasting through.
And I must admit the f15 is a mighty looking beast, and quite a bit more iconic than the ED eagle.

Should honestly have been just as iconic as a the f14, but guess which got to be in the 1980's homoerotic bormance movie of all time.

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