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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Elite: Dangerous PvE - Mobius. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Group and Forum Rules

    1. Policy and code of conduct while playing online in the dedicated Player versus Environment group (Mobius)

      The group's goal is to provide players with an environment to play Elite: Dangerous in a full multiplayer world without having the experience spoiled by non-consensual PvP, ganking, domination, abuse or anti-social behaviour.

      To achieve this, all members agree to abide to the rules listed below while playing online in the "Mobius" private group. Of course, the rules apply only to sessions inside the group.

      :!: Please be considerate while playing or interacting with other players. We are all reasonable people.
      These rules are put in place to clarify some details only. They are not here to start legal wars about how to interpret them.

      Please try to solve any disagreement between yourselves first, before reporting any offense to an admin or mod of this forum via PM or the contact form
      • Any and all reports are taken seriously and will be fully investigated.

      The group motto translates to "to each their own". So the number one and most important rule is:
      • Don't spoil another players game!

      Membership of the ElitePvE group:
      • Membership of the ElitePvE group (Mobius) is open to all players who wish to have a safe PvE environment with other players in Elite: Dangerous
      • Members are free to join any other group, clan, alliance, or similar. The ElitePvE group is non-exclusive.
      • There is no obligation to stay online in the ElitePvE private group whatsoever. It is merely yet another option to play the game.
        All members can play any other mode (open, solo, other groups) any time they wish.
      • Just remember which group you are playing in (if you mode swap a lot) and that the MOBIUS GROUPS have a no-PvP policy in effect at all times.

      Policy while playing in the ElitePvE group:
      • These rules apply while being online in the ElitePvE group.
      • It is not allowed to attack another player for ANY reason within the Mobius PVE Community private groups
      • Deliberate and sustained fire upon another Commander within any PvE-space of Mobius Community groups,
        resulting in the destruction of a human vessel will not be tolerated,
        the penalty is expulsion from all membership locations.
      • Players having a bounty, no matter how high, are no exception
      • Players allied to another Power are no exception
      • It is not allowed to accept or carry out missions which have another player as a target while playing online in the group.
      • Ramming another player on purpose is considered attacking
      • It is not allowed to pull (interdict) another player out of supercruise
      • It is not allowed to provoke criminal status by any means, like flying into the line of fire of a mining laser on purpose to flag another player as criminal
      • Activities involving dueling, weapons testing, bounty removal etc should not be done within MOBIUS GROUPS airspace
      • Mobius members are expected to operate with courtesy to one another in a RES, whether for bounty hunting or for a community goal.
        If operating in the same instance as other pilots, it is polite to offer a wing invite and operate cooperatively.
        Kill stealing is not acceptable and repeated abuse can result in a pilot’s removal from Mobius airspace.
        Be aware of other CMDRs and remember our most important rule: don't spoil another player’s game.

        Breaking any of the above rules, including any of the Frontier EULA rules may result in a ban without warning to protect the group from further unwanted infractions.
        This includes usage of hacks, cheats or other mods that offer a distinct unfair advantage over other pilots in any in-game mode.

        EULA Breaches will include support ticket report of breaches to Frontier policy which may result in disciplinary action by Frontier.

        • Players making a complaint must supply a screenshot or other evidence for a ban to be implemented.
        • Commanders can appeal against the ban by contacting the group admins on this forum via PM or the contact form

      Once again, the rules are here to clarify some details, not to complicate the game! We want to play together and have fun.
      That is the purpose of this game and the group. "To each their own". "Do not spoil another players game", "Don't cheat", "Don't be a dick".

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    2. Forum Behavior

      Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated! Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.

      Naming and shaming is not allowed. If you wish to complain about a commander's behavior in game, please PM an administrator or a moderator. If you wish to complain about a forum post, please use the report post feature. #